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Too Long; Didn’t Read brings together works by Jose Luis Benavides, Andi Crist, Francis Dot, Hale Ekinci, Hasler Gomez, Kelly Kristin Jones, and Yuyang Zhang. While the works range from textiles, ceramics, painting, text, and installation, each artist employs tactics of attention. This show offers a moment IRL (in real life) to slow down and witness what’s lost in our heightened attention culture and the urgency it demands. What can be found in that slowness and how can it change us? In addition to a lovely show, Heaven Gallery also curates a selection of vintage finds.

Opening Friday, June 2nd 7-11PM

Gallery hours: Friday & Saturday 1-6 pm, Sunday 1-5pm or by appointment

June 2, 2023 19:00
July 9, 2023 17:00
1550 North Milwaukee 2nd Floor Chicago, IL 60622
Too Long; Didn't Read


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