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ENGAGE Projects is thrilled to announce our upcoming exhibition Something from Something, a collaborative project between Adia Sykes and Kushala Vora that seeks knowledge not through its direct pursuit, but rather a meandering of spirit that compels us from one experience to the next. The gallery will serve as a glimpse into “the immense possibilities that come with being in thought partnership with one another” through sculpture, drawing, gesture, and conversation. The collaborators find common ground in their canopied memories of time-honored trees that served as hubs for community organizing, solitude, mischief, and creativity in their youth. Vora and Sykes invite the viewers to nurture their relationship to the unknown, creating once again a space for boundless potentiality.

“Something from Something is a pursuit to find what we don’t know yet, but, unlike pulling ‘something from nothing,’ weintuit that it is born from past experiences, teachings, moments, fleeting thoughts, or spiritual downloads that have notyet woven themselves into a legible thought.” — Adia Sykes

Opening Reception: July 21st, 2023 5:30 - 8:00pm

July 21, 2023 17:30
August 26, 2023 20:00
864 N Ashland Chicago, IL 60622


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