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Spring is ALMOST here, but we get that sometimes it feels hard to get in the habit of making plans again... if that sounds like you, let us give you a gentle nudge and take care of your plans on Friday March 24th. Join us for a progressive evening of cocktails, conversation and opera.

Before heading to the Lyric Opera for the 7pm performance of Proximity, we will begin at Soho House (don't worry if you're not a member!) for a thought provoking and inspiring conversation about the themes of the show. Proximity is a gripping, powerful trio of new works that confronts head-on some of the greatest challenges affecting us as a society: yearning for connection in a world driven by technology; the devastating impact of gun violence on cities and neighborhoods; and the need to respect and protect our natural resources.

As the story zooms in and out from the individual to the community to the cosmic, we find ourselves in a compelling snapshot of 21st century life, with all of its complex intersections and commonalities.We will have someone from the Zealous community in conversation with someone from the Lyric about the themes in the show. We will begin with a brief synopsis of the show and some background on how the show came to be. Then we will highlight the narrative change work that Zealous is doing and understand how the work came from the desire to address issues that Proximity speaks to (isolation, fragmentation of society through digital addiction and gun violence). We hope this is a tool to help people cope with the themes of the show and understand that though these problems exist, there are ways to lean in and make a difference. We hope this conversation can be an empowering one that leaves folks with ways they can make an impact and see how organizations like Zealous are making waves.

March 24, 2023 17:00
March 24, 2023 18:15
Soho House, 113-125 N Green St Chicago, IL 60607
Soho House Proximity Talk


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