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LVL3 proudly presents Pure Fantasy, a duo exhibition featuring Ang Ziqi Zhang and Alex Stark. In Pure Fantasy, both Stark and Zhang conjure a meditative landscape, inviting the viewer to project their own histories and fantasies onto the picture plane. Shifting between the tangible and imagined, Stark’s paintings create a space for the viewer to impose themselves onto the awkward and unnatural positions of the figures represented. The vulnerable body language of the figures in Stark’s work heightens the sense of individual perspective granted to the viewer; allowing the onlooker to indulge in semi-exegetic insight. Zhang’s work inhabits a world delineated by the clear yet shrouded nature of their mark-marking; continuously layered shapes, text, and patterns render deeply complex and glistening surfaces, things perhaps seen on a passing semi-truck at night. Pure Fantasy is a moment of pondering, asking one to trip over oneself into a well of introspection.

Gallery Hours

Sunday 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Private showings by appointment through team@lvl3official.com

April 23, 2023 13:00
June 4, 2023 16:00
1542 N Milwaukee Ave #3, Chicago, IL 60622
Pure Fantasy


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