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Co-Prosperity is excited to present PROVE ME WRONG vol. 1 , a solo-exhibition by Isaac Couch. The opening reception will be at Co-Prosperity Chicago alongside Contigo, Diana Solís on August 5th from 6-9PM!

From the artist: “Contrasting the soft quality of fabric with a harsh reality, PROVE ME WRONG vol. 1 is the beginning of a critique on the agreements found within traditional American society. The statements stitched into the handmade tarps come directly from my experience of childhood up until the last few turbulent years we’ve experienced worldwide. They can range from ideas on the socioeconomic climate, to ideas on love or relationships. Are these statements the truth? As of right now they are mine, but as an artist I’m always looking for truth, so engage with the artwork. Engage with me. Give me your opinion and PROVE ME WRONG.”

August 5, 2023 18:00
September 17, 2023 17:00
3219 S Morgan St Chicago, IL 60608
Co-Prosperity presents: PROVE ME WRONG vol.1


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