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An Opening Reception for a special show with a limited run in Chicago.

Curated by Gertie's (A)Part contributor, Kristin Korolowicz, Prosthesis is a group exhibition featuring the workof three artists—Miami-based Jillian Mayer, Martha Poggioli, and NY-based Fin Simonetti. Jillian also has works in Boil, Toil & Trouble. All three artists' work deals with the idea of prosthetics, but not in a literal sense. Instead through the lenses of these artists' work (often intense, in your face and fantastical), the exhibition considers the prosthetic nature of gender, of interiority and exteriority, organic and inorganic, macro and micro forms, suggesting these systems of knowledge, our ideologies are created and limited by our human definitions of what is "real" and what is "fake" or prosthetic.

April 8, 2023 17:00
April 8, 2023 19:00
3050 S Haynes Ct, Chicago, IL 60608
Prosthesis Opening Reception


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