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Los Angeles-based artist Gozié Ojini is invested in the residues of disembodied labor. For this performance, he employs water from the Atlantic Ocean and artificially produced sweat to consider the material and poetic meanings surrounding labor, diaspora, and the Middle Passage. These liquid combinations are avenues for tracing and examining the histories of forced migration and labor of Africans to the Americas through light, sound, and choreographed movement.In the spirit of collaboration, this performance draws inspiration from artists Noon Trȃn and Miles Martinez 2019’s performance Duck Standing On One Leg at the Hammer Museum. It also grows from Ojini’s friendship with exhibiting artist Derrick Woods-Morrow at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture where it premiered in 2022. In this Chicago iteration, developed in collaboration with Woods-Morrow and curator Kristin Korolowicz, audiences are invited to participate in an articulation of physical-emotional memory by drinking the artificially produced sweat provided by the artist.

July 20, 2023 17:00
July 20, 2023 18:30
Gallery 400 at 400 S Peoria Street Chicago IL, 60607
Gozié Ojini: Currents


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